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About The Secret Housekeeper

The Secret Housekeeper is the ultimate home service offered in South Manchester. Sure, you may be used to your regular cleaner who does a great job, but this is something a little bit special and unique.

The Secret Housekeeper is available for hire, to come to your home and transform it from a messy house and garden to a well organised, clean and vibrant living space. In addition, The Secret Housekeeper can perfom some of those DIY tasks you may have been avoiding or even the decorating that you haven't had time to complete or even begin.

Furthermore, if you don't enjoy or don't have time to cook, then meals and treats can be prepared for you. The service is perfect if you have a busy professional life or struggle for any additional reason to keep on top of your housekeeping duties or for when you come home from holiday and want to come back to a fantastic looking home.

So if you want a home that sparkles, sit back and relax and simply contact me and I will work my magic.

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Delicious Cooking

Let's face it, not all of us are chefs, some of us don't have time to cook with our busy lives. Therefore, if you are after a fantastic cook, then look no further. Meals and snacks can be prepared for you meaning that all you have to do is come home and consume your delicious meal. The SHK can prepare a variety of meals and signature dishes from tuna curry to a hearty soup made from a secret recipe.

AYR Spring Clean

It doesn't have to be spring in order for you to have a 'spring clean' THE SHK offers an All Year Round Spring Clean. Carpets, walls, floors, tiles, cupboards, bedding and plenty more will be left clean and dust free. This is perfect if you suffer from a dust allergy. High quality cleaning products are used to kill all those nasty little germs and leave surfaces safe and clean.


If you have a garden that looks like a jungle or simply have neglected doing the weeding for a while and as a result there are dandylions sprouting everywhere, then the SHK can help. Plants, weeding, chopping down of trees, digging and getting rid of leaves are not a problem. If you are in search of the perfect lawn, then The SHK can yet again help.


Are you tired of looking at the peeling peice of wallpaper in the corner of your room, gone off the colour of your walls or just want a change, then The SHK can help.

Painting and decorating are no trouble. Walls and floors can be transformed, giving them a new lease of life. So if you are in need of a decorator in South Manchester,The SHK is on hand.


Are there small DIY jobs around the home that you keep putting off but ultametly need doing? If so, no trouble. Water taps and broken door handles can be fixed, blinds and drawers can be brought back to life. The SHK will arrive, tool kit in hand, and get to work on fixing any issues.


Lets face it, how many times have you gone to work and thought you have not had time to do the shopping and as a result there's no food in at home? Not a problem. The SHK can pick up bits of shopping for you when you are out. Meaning when you return home, all the things you need are there for you.


Review of The Secret Housekeeper


Why do we all spend our days off cleaning? I received a leaflet from The Secret Housekeeper and thought I would give it a try. It's the best decision I've ever made. My house is sparkling each week!

Review of The Secret Housekeeper


I work long hours so coming back to a fantastic looking home and fresh linen is perfect. My lounge looks fantastic everytime and the bathroom is spotless! A great service.

Review of The Secret Housekeeper


After I have been chasing postmen all day I just want to come home to relax and sit in my favorite spot by the fire. I love it when it's clean and cosy. The Secret Housekeeper is always welcome.

Review of The Secret Housekeeper


If I am honest, I'm no good at cooking and I'm trying to watch my diet. The SHK came to clean but I also took up the opportunity to have a meal cooked for me. The service is really great. I can really recommend it!

Review of The Secret Housekeeper


I had heard about The SHK from a friend of mine. I decided to give it a try over a couple of weeks. I'm still using the service after 7 months. Other cleaners just come and go, The SHK offers a lot more which is why I am happy.

Review of The Secret Housekeeper


If you want your house to look purrfect, clean and amazing, plus a delicious meal preparing for when you come home from a hard days work, then The Secret Housekeeper is a must.

Review of The Secret Housekeeper

The Cat

My owner has a clean and tidy house thanks to The Secret Housekeeper. However, you know how much us cats like to go out. Therefore, it's great that the garden is good to. I love sitting in the tree watching her work.

Review of The Secret Housekeeper


It's lovely to come home from work to a clean & tidy house & a tasty prepared meal. There's less cleaning in between her visits, freeing up precious time for us for our family & business. I highly recommend The Secret Housekeeper to everyone.